Annapurna – Poor Feeding

We Believe that ANNAM PARABRAHMA SWAROOPAM; Annadanam is supreme and incomparable out of all charities
on earth. All life forces come from food and survive with food
so annadanam is nothing but giving PRANA to the living beings

Aim: To Provide Nutritious food the Children.
To Have Healthy and Hygienic food

All Children who attends the school is given lunch every day.
The lunch is also provided to the persons who are available in the premises at the time of lunch. We serve this as service to the GOD with faith and devotion as lunch. One Hundred persons are being benefitted every day.
We have launched this program in the year 2005. Here we are providing free lunch for our beneficences. This was started with the help of volunteer’s donors and well wishers. We are very much thankful to our donors.