Early Intervention program

  • We have launched this project in small way to cater the services for the rural people.
  • Early intervention is a Programme planned to help the children in the age of 0 to 6 years.
  • A team of Professionals intervene the children for a suitable programme for each Child.
  • Early intervention is defined as efforts aimed to eliminate Existing or anticipated deficits in children from Zero to school going age using therapeutic interventions “Delay in the acquisition of psychomotor skills beyond the stage or readiness may result not only in below average performance of skills but will also have an impact on later Cognitive and effective development.
  • Thus it is very important to provide stimulation during the first 6 years in crucial aspects of child development vision sensor-motor self-help language, social, Adaptive and cognitive development.
  • Any delay in any one of these areas will have an adverse effect on other areas as well.
  • Our Programme is mainly to cater the needs of the rural community.

Early Intervention