Home away from Home(Residential)

Home away Home for Adult intellectually challenged:

Our aim is to provide service for the families with intellectually challenged is from womb to tomb. We are serving the intellectually challenged for the last two Decades in the following 1.counselling 2.Early Intervention 3.Special education training 4. Vocational training.

Our Experiences and the Requests of Our parents gave a thought of establishing a Home away home for residential care to look after them in a Healthy and family atmosphere for 100 Persons in four stages .It gives parents a happy feeling confidence and security life for their children even after their lives.

The Home Provides 24*7 services to the inmates. The services are as follows:


Hygienic and Nutritious food is served to the inmates as per the need of the Resident. Each Dwelling is having a separate equipped Kitchen, Separate toilets and a T v for Recreation

Medical Aid:

As majority of children need the Medication Nurse Is appointed to take care of the needs of the person’s .A mobile AMBULANCE is made available to attend any emergencies.

Group Home:

We will divide the children in to Twenty Groups taking many aspects in consideration to integrate them in a particular Group. Each one is having five sub rooms in that Home and will be headed by a mother who stays along with Children.


We take care children to engage them in a suitable activity according to their ability.

Staff /care Givers:

We proposed to carry out the activity with Thirty five Persons including Mothers /care Givers.