Awareness programs

Awareness Programmes:
Anuraag aims to create awareness about the problem of Disability like autism, Cerebral palsy, and intellectually challenged persons.

(A)To create awareness about the schemes and programmes being run by the Government and NG OS for the welfare of PwDs includes their social, economic and educational empowerment.
(B) To create an enabling environment for social inclusion of the PwDs in all fields of life by providing equal opportunities, equity & social Justice and to ensure confidence building in the PwDs so that, they can realise their aspirations.

(C) To bring to the notice of all stake holders including PwDs and civil society about the legal rights of the PwDs as enshrined in the constitution.

(D) To promote awareness and to sensitize society with focus on remote and rural areas, on causes leading to disability and prevention through early detection etc.

Approach and strategy:

  • To create awareness: through social networking.
  • Conducting seminars, workshops, and cultural activities.
  • Conducting studies, surveys, and evaluation programmes on the special needs of PwDs.
  • Organizing special events, Celebration of special days Orientation Camps etc. we conducted the following activities.

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs1